Hola! If you’re new around here you might be thinking,

Who is this girl, anyway?

Well allow me to introduce myself.

I’m Liz and I love to make people laugh. I’m obsessed with RVs and want you to be too. I like to tell stories and dream of the day where I’ll be traveling the country sharing the best ones with new friends around the campfire.

Three things you need to know about me:

  • I never meet a stranger
  • My dreams are huge
  • My daughter is adorable

Three reasons you should keep up with this site:

  • My posts are hilarious and will feed your RV obsession
  • You’ll be inspired to throw away your boring job and hit the road
  • My daughter is adorable

Still unsure you should subscribe? I get it. Here’s three super awesome things my readers have said:

  • “You have inspired us all. I keep living life by society’s expectations of normal and my soul is yelling at me… You are a great writer. I love the humor and honesty. I believe in what you are doing. Thanks for being brave enough to share it. “
  •  “I like your spunk and funny stories. Your story on PPD had tears running down my face. You are REAL and in the midst of this crazy world we live in, people are seeking REAL! We are headed through in October and if our paths cross would love to meet you in person! Keep up your great work!”
  • “I always love hearing from you. I enjoy reading your posts and your thoughts on your life experiences. I love the way you reach out and connect and communicate with others. To me I feel welcomed and invited, included, and accepted as I am, no matter what I’m feeling; happy, sad, joyful, angry. Like it’s okay or I feel safe to express or feel sadness or anger or even cry. No shame! Thank you.”

And of course the ever-popular comment:

  • “You’re daughter is adorable.”

So if you’re into RVs, laughing, (and you think my kid is adorable), then I want to be friends. Let’s call this site our virtual campfire where we can swap stories, and have a good laugh, and move together towards BIG dreams.

wilcox rv
Adorable, huh?

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