As someone currently in transition from stationary civilian to full-time traveler, I read a lot about the majestic powers of RVing. Heck, I’m guilty of contributing to that doctrine.  But with my recent book, Tales From the Black Tank, I realized a lot can and will go wrong out there on the road, so I decided to survey a group of thousands of full-time RVers and ask, “What is the absolute worst thing about RVing?”

Moana would totally RV. Yes, Moana, the girl from that movie with those awesome songs. Don’t act like you haven’t seen it. I know you’ve seen it. Twice. And loved it. Now most people watch this movie and think “Wow! The songs! The fun ethnic theme. Oh, and that chicken! […]

If you haven’t read one before, Inside the RV is my way of providing a little bit of community to The Virtual Campground while also feeding the RV obsession of those that need the fuel. Today’s edition brings you Bryanna Royal of Crazy Family Adventure. I met Bryanna and her amazing clan at […]