Hit the Road

So you wanna RV? In this 8 week coaching session, you'll work with me to learn how to take your life from house to RV. One-on-one, we will focus on learning how to turn your unique talents into a career, find the right RV for you and yours, and most of all, you'll muster the courage to pursue the life you want.

Book a Talk

I like to think of my talks as campfire stories. I blend a unique mix of interesting and funny stories with motivation to inspire listeners to get out of their comfort zone and into a happy life. I speak on a few topics including RVing, minimalism & motherhood, and running. All topics have an underlying theme of Finding Your Pull in life.

Clear Your Space

Getting rid of the majority of your stuff is a major step to RVing. Here is a 100% free course on decluttering to get you started. It will teach you what to keep and what to chuck, how to sever the ties with sentimental items, and where to take all that unwanted stuff. It also comes with free email support with yours truly.

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