Hey you! Want some laughs with a side of the real world?

Then my new ebook, Tales From the Black Tank, A Collection of Hilariously Crappy RV Stories, is just what you need, my friend.

Thanks to Instagram and hashtag trends, people are running in droves to Camping World for a new RV. This book is aimed to crush any of those #rvlife dreams you’ve concocted and show you just how awkward, frustrating, and well, downright crappy RVing can really be. #sorrynotsorry #thetitlethough

Here at the Virtual Campground, it’s my job as camp host to bring you only the best content and provide the most fun-fulled experience you can have in the online RV world. That means this book is for you too, already-RVing guy with no delusions about the lifestyle.

While I understand that, yes, there are PLENTY OF other RVing books out there ready and waiting to be purchased, you’ll not find another quite like this one. I guarantee it.

Jam-packed with laughs, guffaws, and the occasional gross-out moment, this 40+ page e-book is the read you didn’t even know you were waiting for.


Yes! I’ll buy it