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and the campfire is surrounded by people you actually want to talk to.

Let's be honest. RV parks and campgrounds are never perfect. If the view is great, the price is terrible. If the staff is friendly, the dogs bark at night.

And the same goes for RV blogs and websites. They either look amazing but have boring, done-before content or give out great advice but look like they were designed in 1999.

That's why I created lizwilcox.com, the world's first virtual campground. It's the perfect place to park that RV spirit of yours online.

I understand RVing can be lonely and no one in the real world really understands your obsession with the "wheel world." Here, that RV spirit will be fed through entertainment and education designed specifically for you, the modern RVer.

Of course, having an RV is not a requirement to enter this camp. Armed only with wannabe status, you're a welcome member of the campground.

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I guarantee you won't find another RV book like this one!

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